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We provide a comprehensive set of services for all you IPR needs. Due to our long experience and solid expertise we can manage even large IPR portfolios. Smaller commissions are likewise handled with the same professionalism and uncompromising service attitude. With us your matters are in good hands.

With over 30 years of experience we are experts in the following areas:


Patents and Utility Models

We Will Help You Acquire a Good Patent or a Utility Model that Benefits Your Business

The basis of the patent and utility model system is that the inventor discloses his invention in exchange for a time-limited exclusive right to the commercial exploitation of the invention. A good protection is based on correctly formed patent and protection requirements as well as clear definitions. We pay special attention to this. We have the expertise to draft a patent and utility model application that best supports your business as well as to acquire exclusive rights based on these.

We Have Expertise in International Prosecution and Protection in All Areas of Technology

We have expertise in all areas of technology, such as chemistry, biotechnology, mechanics, electrical engineering and information technology, so we can provide you with an expert of your field in question. The patent arena is very international and by combining our own experience with our partner network we are able to offer a comprehensive international service.

In our company we have, inter alia, our own U.S. Patent Agent, so when required we can handle your U.S applications directly with the US patent office. We also have at least two European patent attorneys (EP attorneys) working in each of the main technical fields (chemistry/biochemistry, electronics and mechanics/physics). All our EP attorneys have completed the two-year long EP basic training organised by CEIPI. In addition, all our EP attorneys who have come into the field after 1995 have passed the extremely demanding European Qualifying Examination (EQE).

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Trademarks and design protection

We Offer Professional Assistance in All Stages of Trademark and Design Rights’ Protection

Registered and well-cared-for trademark rights create a positive image and reputation for your company as well as help with extremely difficult evidence issues in problem situations. Meet our lawyers here >>

Our Trademark team can help you with trademarks and design rights in all the stages, from obtaining protection to maintenance, monitoring, utilisation and defence of the obtained rights both in Finland and internationally.

We will help you, inter alia, with the following questions:

Why should a trademark be registered? >>
How should protection be sought? >>
What should be done once the trademark is registered? >>

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Searches/Examinations, Advice and Analysis

We help you in examinations and analysis and give advice in tricky situations

Searches and examinations are a part of both our patent and trademark services. They comprise, inter alia, novelty searches as well as marketing and manufacturing studies (freedom-to-operate analyses). We conduct the searches and analyse their results in the extent you ask for. We are also happy to offer you general advice in all matters relating to immaterial rights and the extent of protection that these offer as well as in matters such as in taking possession of inventions, processing invention disclosures and drafting agreements.

With searches and examinations you can minimize risks related to your business.

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Litigation and disputes

We Have Extensive Experience in Litigation and in Dispute Management

If consensus cannot be reached with the patent office examiner on how broad the patent or trademark protection should be, or if the scope of the protection gives rise to a dispute with a third party, it is possible to deal with the issue in an opposition or appeal hearing, or at trial.

With our partners in Finland, we have actively participated in trials concerning potential infringements and protection actions as well as in their preparation. We are also happy to consult our clients in these matters.

We have also handled oppositions in Finland, at the European Patent Office as well as some in Sweden both as representative for the opponent as well as representative for the patent/trademark proprietor. Our professional EP attorneys can also handle oral proceedings in the European Patent Office.

Our experience also covers Appeals before the Finnish Board of Appeal and before the Supreme Court, where we have represented our clients successfully many times. Likewise, we have gained experience before the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office, at which instances we have successfully represented our clients throughout the process both in the written stages and at oral proceedings.

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Annuity Services

We take care of annuities with Precision both in Finland and in Other Countries

In order to maintain a patent, renewal fees must be paid to the patent office of the country in which the patent is held. In most countries the fees are to be paid each year, so generally we talk about annual fees or annuities. Procedures vary from country to country and in many countries the payment of annuities should already be started in the stage when the patent is pending and not yet granted. We are familiar with the procedures of different countries and can act accordingly.

Our Annuity department can monitor the payment deadlines on your behalf, and can also help you in taking care that the necessary payments are made on time and properly in each target country.

Feel free to leave all your annuities and renewal fees to be managed by us.

  • In annuity matters, please contact us directly at: renewals(at)

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Are You Lost in the IPR Jungle? We Train Your Company’s Key Personnel to Find Their Way

Nobody is born an artisan. Competence is born of experience. Our professional experts regularly participate as lecturers at courses organised by e.g. Aalto PRO and Aalto University as well as other universities. We can tailor suitable training sessions to the needs of your company. By planning the content of the training together we can offer your staff the best possible motivating training.

Subjects included in our basic training program are, among others, “The basics of the patent and trademark system”, “Drafting patent and utility model applications”, “Patents as sources of information”, “The protection coverage of a patent” as well as “Patents as protectors and preventers of product development”.

We will tailor the best suitable training for your organization. Together we can plan the subject and content of the training to ensure optimal benefits for your personnel. Tell us the subject in which your company would like to have additional courses and we will create a motivating training session for your personnel.

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Translation Services/EP-Validations

We tackle also complex translations with expertise, regardless of the original language

We translate patent applications, patents and corresponding technical legal texts. For example, the registration of a European patent in Finland requires the preparation of a translation. Often a translation of the Claims will suffice but in certain cases it is necessary to translate also the Description. In addition to whole patent texts we also translate parts of texts, for example, for novelty and Freedom-to-operate analyses or infringement analyses.

In addition to our own translators we collaborate with a team of translators with skills in a wide range of technical areas, so we will always find a suitable translator, among these collaborators or among our own staff, based on the content of your text and the required language pair. Choosing a suitable translator is important, since a successful translation means that the customer’s rights are secured also in the target language. The importance of selecting a translator is highlighted by the fact that the language of patent texts is often complex, and the combination of patent law and the latest technology often forms an exceptional challenge to the translator.

In translation matters, please contact us directly at:


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Our experts are members of e.g. the following organisations:


  • Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (FICPI), worldwide organisation for patent and trademark professionals
  • Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle (AIPPI), International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
  • The European Patent Institute (epi)
  • Standing Advisory Committee before the EPO, Patent Documentation and Information sub-committee (SACEPO/PD)
  • Patent Information Users Group (PIUG)
  • The Association of Finnish Patent Attorneys (SPAY)
  • Finnish Association for Industrial Property Rights (STY)


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