Seppo Laine Oy

Environmental Matters

We take environment protection seriously



We offer our services with the principle of sustainable development, in mind , i.e. we aim at cost-effective and customer-oriented operations while at the same time reducing their environmental impact.

In our company we have a current WWF Finland Green Office certification as well as an approved environmental program in line with the Green Office principles..

The goal of the Green Office system developed by WWF is to encourage companies to get actively involved in reducing their burden on the environment. In patent agencies, this burden has traditionally been caused largely by paper consumption and regular correspondence by letters. Along with the increasing use of electrical data processing systems, also the consumption of electricity has become an important factor. However, paper is still used in high amounts in the field. From the end of the year 2011, it has been possible for us to carry out our work in a fully paper-free manner.

Further measures carried out include the following environmental measures.

Would you like to know more about our environmental program? Contact Kathy Wasström (kathy.wasstrom(at), who is in charge of the Green Office program.

WWF Green Office