Valikko ☰

Pyry Niemelä

Patent Engineer

Biochmistry, Biotechnology

Mobile: +358 50 5650925


Languages: Finnish, English

"My work to protect innovation is important, and it's great to help our customers succeed in the future. The most fulfilling part of my job is constantly learning new things and new ways of thinking. Bringing inventions towards commercial applications is rewarding for me and beneficial for everyone."

Pyry began working at Laine IP’s chemistry team as a patent attorney trainee in March 2023. Before that he spent a year in the European Patent Office (EPO) as a trainee in the DNA analytics team. Before the traineeship, Pyry has worked in the University of Turku as a research assistant and in research commercialization projects.

Pyry holds a MSc degree in molecular biotechnology and diagnostics from the University of Turku.

In his leisure time Pyry likes playing football and floorball. He also enjoys making cider, where he spends most of his time working on software projects related to automating the brewing process.