Valikko ☰

Tiia-Riikka Kittilä

Patent Attorney

Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry

Telephone: +358 9 6859 5649


Languages: Finnish, English

“My job is inspiring, because I get to dive in to new inventions and learn something new every day. Solving complicated cases makes my job very rewarding.”

Tiia-Riikka joined Laine IP in March 2021. She works in the chemistry team focusing on inventions in the fields of biotechnology and medicine. In addition, Tiia-Riikka helps our clients with database searches.

Before joining Laine IP, Tiia-Riikka worked as a researcher at the Max Planck institute in Germany and at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center in Denmark. Tiia-Riikka’s research career has focused on protein chemistry and she has worked for example with biosynthesis of antibiotics, use of antibodies and modification of natural products.

Tiia-Riikka holds a master’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Helsinki and a doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.) from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Special expertise

  • Industries: bioindustry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry
  • Technologies: biochemistry, biotechnology, protein chemistry, microbiology, synthetic biology