Our IPR´s ABC series of stories includes the writings of our experts on basic concepts relating to industrial property rights and on some interesting details. We publish the stories in the News section of our website and in our newsletter. Here in the IPR basics you will find all the published material.


Only a non-disclosed invention can be patented  17.3.2022
An assignment is not a mere formality 10.3.2022
Novelty | How novelty of an invention is determined? 12.9.2022
Scope of claims 14.10.2021
Right to Priority – Patent applicant has a year to make decisions 14.9.2021
Grace period | Did you forget to apply for protection of the results of your R&D? 17.6.2021
Divisional Application | Questions & Answers 24.3.2021
The problem-solution approach in determining inventive step 23.11.2020
Person skilled in the art 30.11.2020
Difficulties in the determination of the objective technical problem 7.12.2020
The could-would method as part of the problem-solution approach 14.12.2020
SPC | Supplementary Protection Certificate 19.10.2021
Utility model 31.8.2021