Fuel growth with your Intellectual property

IPR is intellectual property which is legally protected. Intellectual property can be divided into two categories: copyright and industrial property rights. Patent, trademark, utility model and design rights are industrial property rights, and our focus in this section is how to turn IPR into valuable assets and business growth.

We help identify your IPR potential

Our experts can help you identify the aspects of your product or service which could and should be protected. In addition, we can help prioritize and protect IPR which is the most valuable for your business. For example, we can facilitate a workshop which outlines the most promising and patentable results of an ongoing product development project. The same workshop can also be held with respect to product names along with their designs. Read more about our invention harvesting service.

Building a solid IPR foundation – novelty searches are the basis of a strong patent application

In order to be patentable, an invention must be new, involve an inventive step (be substantially different from what was public knowledge), and be industrially applicable. Our novelty search helps you discover publications similar to your invention which may impede or block the patenting of your invention.

A novelty search is a solid foundation for the entire patent process, as it provides input for the application drafting process and protection strategy for the invention.

Patentability – is your invention substantially different from previously known solutions?

In a patentability analysis our experts will evaluate whether the invention differs sufficiently from the solutions found in the novelty search – in other words, whether the invention fulfills the inventive step requirement of the patent process. For a utility model, the requirement for invention is lower, and it is enough that the invention is clearly different from previously disclosed solutions.

Patents or utility model protection – a strong application is essential

A strong patent provides optimum protection for your invention. It not only restricts your competitors, but also is a solid starting point for contract negotiations and disputes. A good patent is created via a high-quality, professionally drafted application that combines expertise in technology, patent law and business – at best, such an application is more than the sum of its parts.

The core expertise of our patent attorneys is in patent legislation and case law. Our experts are also well versed in technical matters, thanks to their high level of training and work experience. Many of our patent attorneys have experience in industry positions, bringing with them strong real-world experience on the business aspects of IPR. The best patent application is always a seamless collaboration between you and our specialists.

Trademark and design protection

A registered trademark needs to be distinguishable; it should not describe the products or services offered, or have a confusing similarity to prior rights. The ideal trademark protection is based on an application that defines the mark to be protected, the products and services associated with it, and the geographical scope of protection. The application is created as a close collaboration between you and our attorneys. You are the most knowledgeable person concerning your area of operations, while our experts are masters of the ins and outs of the registration process. By combining our respective strengths, we can obtain the optimum trademark protection for your business needs.

A registered industrial design needs to be both new and distinguishable, which means that the design cannot be disclosed before the decision is made to protect it. High-quality images are very important in design registration, and the attorneys on our trademarks team know what types of images will allow you to secure the protection you want for your design.