Invention harvesting workshop

Realize your IPR potential!

Are you developing a new product, or refining an existing one to be better and better? Do you have ideas, and solutions for problems? If the answer to the above is yes, you may possess intellectual property that your competitors can exploit – unless you protect it. In our invention harvesting workshop, our expert can help you work through the results from your product development project – such as new product features or process improvements – and create an action plan to protect them with IPR.

Our service includes:

  • A discussion with your contact person, reviewing background information and goals
  • An “invention harvesting” workshop (2-3 hours) that brings together relevant team persons and at least one of our experts. The purpose of this joint workshop is to
    • go through the new technical features and/or designs of your products, as well as your estimate of their impact on your business
    • identify the characteristics that may be protectable with patents, trademarks and/or design rights.
  • A workshop report that provides
    • a summary of identified new features, along with notes of the business potential and possible prior IPR rights
    • a cost-effective proposal for the next steps in protecting the relevant IPR.

Base package 1100 €

Our basic harvesting package includes an evaluation by one of our experts, a joint workshop session and the summary report. Depending on your needs, our expert can be specialized in either patents and utility models, or trademarks and design rights. The service package includes approximately five hours of specialist work.

Extended package 1,500 €

Our extended harvesting service package includes evaluations by patent and trademark attorneys, a joint meeting and the summary report. The extended package is best suited to situations in which the item under development includes technical innovations as well as new design features. The cost includes approximately eight hours of specialist work.

Note that possible VAT or travel expenses are not included in the prices quoted above and we will prepare separate offer for extensive R&D reviews.