Opposition and appeal proceedings

We are there to help with oppositions and appeals

If a competitor files a claim against your newly granted patent, professional representation is most likely called for. Likewise, in situations where the processing of your patent application or opposition proceedings at the patent office have resulted in an unfavorable outcome, our experts are happy to take care of the appeal. Our attorneys have solid experience in patent protection in opposition and appeal proceedings at the Finnish and European Patent Offices as well as the Finnish Market Court. In many cases, these processes include oral hearings where we represent you as the patent holder.

How to respond to an opposition?

In our opposition response, we defend the patentability of your invention as defined in your patent claims. We provide arguments for novelty and inventive step, and comment on the publications to which the opposing party has referred; when needed, we can submit a narrowed patent claim to the patent office. The goal is to ensure that the patent stays in force – if not in full, then at least within a narrower scope of patent claims.

Together towards the finish line

Responding to the opposition and refining the optimal strategy to defend the patent depends on teamwork between you and our agents. If you wish, you can also attend the oral hearings. We strive to ensure that at the end of the opposition process, you will still have a usable patent right in your IPR portfolio.

Oppositions and appeals can also be encountered in trademark and design rights matters

Not to worry, our experts are there to help you. Whether we need to defend your trademark or design against a competitor’s opposition, or whether you need to raise an opposition of your own against the competitor’s trademark or design, we are at your side. Our attorneys are also well versed in annulment matters.

In Finland and at EU patent offices, oppositions, appeals and annulment proceedings for trademarks and designs are usually carried out in writing, though procedures may vary widely between offices and countries. However, in all situations, our goal is the same; we aim to preserve and defend your interests and rights in the best possible way.