WTR 1000 rankings for 2023 published: Laine IP praised with four recommended experts

We are pleased to announce that our trademark group has been praised in the latest edition of WTR 1000: “The group is esteemed for its “swift, practical and solution-oriented” approach, with seasoned attorneys Tom-Erik Hagelberg and Joose Kilpimaa keeping a long-list of illustrious patrons and taking the lead on some of the firm’s largest portfolios. WTR 1000 newcomers Lena Pitkänen and Reijo Kokko also expertly handle domestic and global portfolios, including everything from clearance searches to opposition and litigation services.”

Laine IP’s profile can be found here.

WTR1000 is the only independent definitive guide dedicated to identifying the world’s leading trademark professionals and firms in over 80 jurisdictions around the globe. All the WTR1000 rankings for Finland can be found here.

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