Valikko ☰

Jouni Smolander

European Patent Attorney, Managing Director


Automation Technology, ICT

Telephone: +358 9 6859 560


Languages: Finnish, English

”The best part about my job is that it's really multidisciplinary – I have the opportunity to see new future solutions at their inception. One is always learning new things, with the goal of finding the best answers to the client's needs, for example to protect a new invention. It's also really important to understand the business side of innovations. It's inspiring to get to know new inventions and to support very different kinds of clients in their IPR challenges. I enjoy being able to spar and develop innovations further together with passionate inventors."

Jouni joined Laine IP in 2016 as European Patent Attorney on the ICT & mechanics team. On May 1, 2022 he became Laine IP´s Managing Director. Jouni has 20 years of diverse experience in patents, both as patent attorney and in industry positions.

Jouni holds a MSc degree in electrical engineering. He is a member of SPAY, FICPI and EPI.

IPR services

  • Protection of inventions, patents, utility models, European patents, domestic patents, international patents, EPC, UPC, inventions during employment, IPR strategy, innovation inventories, prior art declarations, evaluation of patentability, evaluation of infringements and scope of protection, statements, freedom to operate, optimization of IPR portfolio, training, consulting

Special expertise

  • Industries: ICT sector, electronics industry, mining, mechanical engineering, process industry
  • Technologies: networking, wireless systems, mobile communications, software technology, automation, autonomous work machines and vehicles, mining technology, sensor systems, user interfaces, imaging, artificial intelligence systems, optics